File not found when trying to open my website

After uploading my files to the htdocs directory of my account, and clearing my dns cache, i tried to access my website ( However, i get a 404 error saying that the file hasn’t been found. I’ve checked the spelling several times, i’m 100% sure it’s correct.

I’ve tried to remove the domain and delete my account and create it again, but to no avail. It still refuses to work.

How can I fix this problem?

For me your website works fine. Maybe clearing your browser cache would help?


I’ve cleared my dns cache and browser cache, and all I get is a page that says “” and a lot of shady links that redirect to some sort of scam.

For reference, here’s a screenshot.

And here’s a screenshot of the website working correctly (I have another exact copy of the website at

Try to change the DNS resolvers to faster ones, like, OpenDNS or Google Public DNS, on your device then?


Thanks for the fast reply, i’ll try this out soon.

It worked. Thanks for your help!

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