File Manager

My File Manager is not showing any files
I am unable to update my files
Kindly solve this issue asap
Here is the link

it should be some type of bug same for me i even tried 2pc

I’ve checked the file manager and I couldn’t see any files either. However, to me it didn’t just say “this directory is empty” or something like that. I just see a white page because the entire file manager fails to load.

It looks like something is going wrong while parsing the Javascript of the file manager, I’m going to look into why it happens.

Kindly resolve this issue as soon as possible

Thankyou :slight_smile:

I am facing the same issue in all of my accounts

@MansoorRiaz said:
I am facing the same issue in all of my accounts

I sortof suspected that considering you created this topic ;). Also, posting the same message twice does not speed up the resolution (if anything, it slows it down), so I have deleted the duplicate topic.

Anyways, it turned out the issue was likely caused by an issue with the Cloudflare minifier which messed up the script. It has been disabled now and the file manager is working for me now. If it doesn’t work yet for you, please try to clear your browser cache.