File Manager

This is so totally useless … upload a zip and extract… it takes forever to extract as well as upload, times out and the zip disappears.
Upload a zip and then go extract - same thing, times out and the zip disappears. It’s a 10 meg zip file - should take seconds.
Use FTP Filezilla … upload the same zip - it says successful upload and the file just vanishes.
Use softaculous installer to install the exact same file and the app has blank pages on some options - obviously then it did not install correctly. What good is a catalog with no way to add products or categories ? Just a blank page ?
Attempt to just upload each file using file manager or filezilla to correct the install issue - that also times out or filezilla disconnects halfway thru the que.

All this is doing is wasting hours of my time… I have the exact same software on other hosts and it works perfectly fine. Here nothing works.

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