File Manager Wont Upload Any Files =/

Im not sure how to fix this issue i have been having it for along time but dont know how fix it. Some times it does work but usally about a 1/25 chance.


I Dont know how to fix this and im on a chromebook [26997068]

You can’t upload files over 10MB


even with files under that it still happens

Can you try again with FileZilla?


im on a chromebook cant use .exe’s

No other computer, i guess? I have no idea then

nope i dont have linux or playstore and i dont have any others =/

You can try which pretty much has the same interface as FileManager.


Yes. This one is similar to the current one.

Have you tried Filestash already?

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Are you able to get the exact byte count of the file? Because I should let you know that 10MB in your files might not equal the 10 MB limit.

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