File Manager tree directory question

It might because your account is new. I don’t know if brand new members can edit their post.

You may have to wait a certain amount of time or reach a certain status before you can edit.

I am just a normal member. Not an admin or moderator.

Regarding the pencil icon, non-admins and non-moderators can only update/edit their posts for a set amount of time after posting.


Thanks. Good to know.

The URL will actually result in the browser interpreting this as a relative URL. So the actual URL queried would be, which is probably not correct.

The reason is that a link without a protocol definition is interpreted as a file path relative to the current directory. Even if that path “coincidentally” has a subdirectory with the a name that matches the domain.

Instead, you could either write the URL as:

  • //
  • /Background/background.html

Thank you


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