File manager timing out and FTP server not responding


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File manager and FTP timing out

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Just wondering if there is an outage - my file manager and FTP connection are timing out. Sometimes I can get to the login screen but then get an authentication time out. If it’s a site issue then I’ll just wait it out, but I recently uninstalled Wordpress and wanted to make sure I didn’t do something that screwed up my hosting account.

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Hi and welcome to the forum

You’re right - Probably just (temporary) high server load.
Thanks for the information !

I will forward upstream just in case

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And it’s back up! Thanks for the quick reply! :slight_smile:


Yes, as far as I have seen it was stuck at auth
and after successful auth it should do a printout of the contents,
but that step could not be accomplished.
I hope it doesn’t happen again overnight.

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