File Manager not secure. Operations time out issues!

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A not secure message keeps popping up when I try to open the file manager. Also, when I do manage to open it it produces an operation timed out error message when I try to move between folders. The create file option also times out and does not allow me to create new files. So far I am unable to use file manager seamlessly as there are other time-out errors as shown below. @Admin please assist.

This occurs when I try to edit a file.

And this occurs occasionally as I try to open file manager

Then this happens when I try to create a new file

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Please dont ping admin. Can you try making the changes using FileZilla? The online file manager is giving some errors like that recently for me too.

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I prefer using the online file manager.I’ll try using FileZilla but I’d rather the issue with file manager be rectified.
May I ask why I can’t ping admin? Is there a rule against that?

Admin has ping blocked, meaning pinging him/her wont help you faster anyway.

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Alright cool. Thank you.

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