File manager not opne

Error 525

SSL handshake failed

what can i do?

Can you try to open the Online File Manager from the Control Panel while the Monsta FTP is being repared?

The online File Manager is also down it seems.

For me (aka the Online File Manager) works fine (checked with a traceroute and the last IP that the connection tries to resolve is a Level3 UK hostname). If both of them don’t work, I’ve created a free installation of Monsta FTP (the “Lite” version that doesn’t include any editing options) on a hosting account here on InfinityFree that you can access here at the moment of the inactivity of the Monsta FTP server of InfinityFree, and connect using the FTP credentials you can find on the Client Area, by clicking on the account you want to manage, and clicking on “Show/Hide” to hide the asterisks and show the actual password. If you want to edit files please reboot the router to get a new IP and try accessing the Online File Manager again, until their Monsta FTP server turns back on.

Given that this is the Development Support forum, which file manager are you trying to setup?

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