File Manager Login?

I wanted to check and edit the webpage I started hosting yesterday but was blocked by the file manager.

Yesterday I just clicked the big orange File Manager Button in my infinityfree webpage overview and got to upload, delete and edit my files. Today I cannot access them anymore. I get this window shown in the screenshot, but am unable to login. Not sure why I need to anyway, because I’m already logged in to infinityfree with my account and didn’t had to yesterday as well. I tried all passwords I could find on my overview page (FTP password, mysql password) but nothing is accepted.

How can I get access to my files again?

Try using FileZilla.


But why could I access anything without problems or anything else required yesterday and now I cannot find my files anymore.

Sometimes the online file manager does not work correctly. It is quite buggy, and this may be a result of that.


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In this case, it’s a rate limit from the file manager. If you get too many failed login attempts, the file manager will temporarily block you.

This can happen even if you’re using our one click login buttons. If the password is out of sync, or there is a hiccup with the FTP server making the file manager thing it’s a login error, it may kick you out too.

If you see the message “please try again in 5 minutes”, then please wait 5 minutes before trying again. The file manager has locked you out and you will not be able to login for that time. After that, feel free to try logging in from the client area or control panel again.


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