File manager issue:

Hi Admin,

I have faced a problem while uploading any files using FTP to our file manager.
The issue is whenever i was upload the file or image. It was uploading properly and showing upload was success. But after upload am came out of that particular uploaded folder, then again am going inside that folder the uploaded file is missing in the particular path. I don’t know why?? the upload the file is missing after upload. Please help me.

Thanks in Advance.

To what folder did you upload the files? Make sure you upload it to the htdocs folder, files uploaded anywhere else will be deleted automatically.

Hi Admin,

Thanks for quick response.

I have create a new folder in main itself. so, only i cant able to upload.
Now, i am trying to create a new folder in htdocs and try to upload the file, then checked whether its missing or not. Now its working fine.
Thanks a lot…