File manager is down

MOD here - never share the URL for your file manager because then anyone can access it

Please read this:

And do NOT share the File Manager link with anyone! Change your password immediately, as someone can decode the BASE64 data and get the password to access your FTP, or directly access your files!


How could someone else obtain my password when I haven’t shared it?

You shared the File Manager link, which contained data for FTP connection, and the password was in BASE64 in the JSON data for the connection. Moderators and me noticed the problem and only suggested what to do.


I only accessed the file manager through FileZilla because I couldn’t open it on the website file manager. And it turns out I also couldn’t access the FTP connection to edit my file manager.

Now I checked and it works, so try to connect to FTP or use the File Manager and see if it works!


thanks for help

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What should I do? It’s just that I’m the only one accessing my File Manager through FTP.

But you can’t access the File Manager’s IP through an FTP client; you’ll have to connect to with the hosting account credentials you can find in the Client Area by clicking on your hosting account in the “Account Details” tab, clicking on “Show/Hide” to show the password.


You probably don’t have to do anything because I edited your topic in less than 15 seconds after you posted it, but it is better to be safe and change the password

  1. Please go to the Client area
  2. choose your hosting acc

then click Acc settings


and change the password

FileZilla - then configure/update the new pass for your FTP client (enter the new password into the Site Manager entry field)

Please give the server 10 minutes to sync the password and retrieve the new state before starting the connection via the FTP client.


I have reset your hosting account password seeing how you haven’t done it yet.

And please take care when sharing URLs publicly. Especially those URLs contain “gibberish”, because that “gibberish” may actually be sensitive data. Had you tested the URL yourself in an incognito window, you would have seen that the URL actually allows anyone to access your files.


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