File manager in Cpanel not allowing me to extract zip files anymore

I no longer see any option for me to extract/unzip .zip files in my file manager that is located in my site’s control panel? Why has this feature been removed and is it coming back any time soon because we really need it? … Thanks

I was not informed about the archive functionality being deleted from the file manager, but I can imagine it was disabled on purpose. Extracting larger archives puts a lot of stress on the file manager server and extracting really big archives will just crash the file manager.

Meanwhile, you can use the MonstaFTP file manager in the client area, which does still offer archive management functionality.

If you need to upload a script or theme through a zip file, I’d highly recommend to extract the archive on your own computer and use a desktop FTP client like FileZilla to upload it. Uploading files that way can take some time, but it’s the safest, most reliable way to upload a large number of files.

UPDATE: I just confirmed this with iFastNet. It was disabled on purpose because the file manager server got overloaded, so it’s unlikely to be enabled again.