File manager error

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Error Message

error during ftp change directory, permission denied at “/htdocs/css”.

Other Information

i did a mistake when i uploaded my file and i deleted all my files on htdocs, when i wanted do upload them again they show me this message please can you delete this folder “css” and i will upload it again

when i want to delete this folder “css” they show this error message

changin item permissions failed with error;changin item permissions failed with error

Have you tried simply changing the permissions of the folder?
Also, InfinityFree is not suitable for file hosting, it’s for web hosting.

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hows that file hosting? he/she meant files of his website.

but check her/his domain name :rofl:

Again, i don’t know purpose of his/her site unless they say.

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