File manager,control panel and ftp cant able to acces

i am old user,from last 2 day i cant able to access file manager ,ftp and and control panel.i already missed deadline .please help me fast.

Show us screenshots rather than just saying ‘it is not working’?



am getting stuck here,I have good internet to,it work on other friends laptop but I cant able to access it from my web,same issue in desktop to

It’s hard to access web-based FTP client on mobile browser.
I suggest you to use FTP client app for your phone.
Usually default File Manager phone apps has built-in FTP client. Maybe you can check it.
Or else, install FTP client app from your phone apps market.


I would guess it’s some kind of firewall or other misguided “security” “feature” on your network which is blocking access to the file manager. If you have any virus scanner, parental controls, web filtering or anything like it, please disable those and try again.


Also, Note that many popular Internet Service Providers also put blocks on our domain names, If your in the uk, I known BT block them.

They aren’t from UK.

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