File manager can't extract zip file and wp file manager show error

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Unable to find backend in wp file manager, Ftp file manager can’t extract zip file.

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Please fix those tow issues that I mentioned in the title. It’s harming experience with infinity free hosting… I never faced it before…

Can you please try using FileZilla? Sometimes the online file manager does not work correctly.

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The file manager tends to break if you try to extract a large zip file with it. The most reliable way to upload a zip file is to extract the archive on your own computer, and upload the extracted files with a desktop FTP client like FileZilla.

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Yeah I know that… Filezilla really take much longer time to upload files separately… But I mentioned another problem that is about WordPress file manager which also work like a Ftp file manager… Also not working… What to do about it? Please sir do something… Instead of filezilla or other Ftp client I really prefer wp file manager…

If i upload a zip file then I use wp file manager to extract it…Please sir fix this issue…

Fix what issue? WordPress and the file manager both have more or less the same issue: you can’t efficiently extract an archive from a PHP script. I can’t make PHP better at extracting archives.

Yes, FileZilla takes a lot longer to upload. But how much time have you spend trying to make a web based file manager to work? And how much time will you spent trying to make it work, despite us telling you not to do this?


InfinityFree can’t fix it because they don’t own the software. If you want to use the extraction feature, please use FileZilla. You can continue to use the online one, but when you run into an issue, please try FileZilla before asking for help.

Okay… Thanks…

I am really sorry… I got the wp file manager error solution some where in internet… Actually for this issue I went to the WordPress website there, creator of wp file manager mentioned that that it’s the problem with my hosting… So I came here to inform you that… Actually it was happening for my ssl… The request for http connection but I have https so… Http error show up… Please don’t mind…

Now I turned for https and it’s working again :blush::blush:


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