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(Auto Deleting file in file manager )

Error Message

(I install php script in file manager via ftp client software and my web portal give me error " Warning : require(/home/vol18_1/ failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/vol18_1/ on line 33" and then i upload this file manually but the file auto delete
i again upload the file but still file manager deleting the file i create file in file manager and past cod in file then again the file is auto remove )

Other Information

(i will check my file code there is no any self removing in code in the file define the function only)

Are those files above 10mb?


I upload php script in htdocs folder end the file auto delete is in my script function folder i will check all possible issue but still my file remove automatically after upload

How big is the file that you are trying to upload?


The file is in kbs

You’re avoiding the question. How many KBs?
We can’t help you if you don’t provide details.

Files may be displayed in KBs, like here: image This file is 1GiB, but Windows displays it in KBs for some reason.


430KB file i want to upload in file manager

Can you try using FileZilla? Sometimes the online file manager is buggy.


i am already try all the possible way like filezila ,winsip and all ftp software and direct upload in file manager and i try to create empty file in file manager with same name and paste the all code in file but the result are same. file auto remove

Is that the only file that is auto-removed? If you upload other files in the same batch, what happens to them?

Can you upload the file to Google Drive (Or similar) and share a public link here?


any other file not remove automaticaly and work fine yes i can this is the file (autoload_static.php - Google Drive)

That file is 1.05MB, which is over the 1MB limit for PHP files. It is getting automatically removed because it is too large. Please read the article that was posted in the beginning of this thread to learn more.


so what is the solution of this error

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Reduce the file size somehow. Read the article posted at the beginning of the topic for more info.


Try squishing down that PHP file a bit? It’s very close.



here the size is 953KB
so try that and see if it works


I think you can regenerate the Composer files with composer install but WITHOUT the --optimize-autoloader or -o flags. This files is part of the optimized autoloader, which can help performance a bit, but isn’t necessary for your site to function.


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