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I was working on moving my website over to the folder for the domain name I had just purchases, copying the files just would not work, so I had to create new files and copy over the text from the old files. This was working decently, but it started saying unknown error, so I logged out and logged back in again, and now when I try to access my file manager, it says 404 not found…

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Hi @ATorres108 and Welcome to the InfinityFree’s community!

As per your URL, I see it is working properly.

From where are you trying to access file manager? Can you produce steps so that we can know more?

It’s happening to me.


@Clocky Please not to hijack a topic next time, just create a new topic for your problem.

About the issue, what did you mean when you try to access the file manager and you got an 404 not found? Can you send us some screenshots of the problem?

Where did you try to open or access the file manager? You can only access it via the client area or by using FTP, and as far as I know, you will never get an 404 error on FTP manager.

It seems to be working fine now. I have previously attempted to access it through the CPanel and the account landing page. Now when I do it through those sources it works fine, so the issue must be resolved.

That’s really nice. Can you mark the issue as solved?

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