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I am using InfinityFree to host website of MAG Software Portal, which is customized firmware for MAG 245/250 ( I’m really glad of using your service because it’s almost everything I’ve looked for. Really great :slight_smile: Unfortunately expect one thing, which is 10 MB limit of file. I’m not able to host files of firmware updates, which weight is about 70 MB. Could you help me with this trouble? I need to host it together with website and it mustn’t be something like Google Drive because the firmware update mechanism must read header of file directly. Thanks in advance.

10MB is limit
Does the software in the device that requires firmware are allowed to store cookies + JS?
if not…

means even if you have a storage permission to stor more than 10MB per file size

the server checks over javascript whether there is a browser or bot/or similar on the other side

for example: in javascript is a code for calculating several prime numbers
which when executed in browser - the browser send the results to the server

if the answer is correct - the server stores the cookie in your browser/device
and lets you preview the site
(BOTs are mostly passive) as well as other forms listed in the link

your devices probably work on linux + JRE or something else
and the question is whether it is possible to do it

It also depends on what extension is that firmware image
I know that .zip is allowed
tar.gz? tgz? img? - maybe that would also create problems

STB runs Linux kernel with embedded WebKit engine (specially prepared by manufacturer). It runs like a browser, every menu of software which is accessible for user is an ordinary HTML page with CSS & JS. The only problem may be cookies, I’m not sure whether cookies are saved or cleaned at moment.

It doesn’t have any extension, it is just a binary. But expect first 8 lines of code which is plain text, there are stored variables which define date of compiling, box which can run it, description etc. which can be read by head command. It’s the most important thing, STB before updating reads it. Can’t do it with Google Drive because it shows error of invalid header.

I would have to just try uploading full file and check whether mechanism works or not.

Would it be possible to get storage permission from someone? I’m only making a hobby project because of being interested in programming and wanted to do something on my own :slight_smile:

I know that my answer will not satisfy you :smiley:
but if you are interested in programming and you want to test
then set up a local file server or use a usb stick that is inserted into the router
and then configure file share serv. over that router
and then just make sure that “all” devices in the network are visible to each other

Okay, it’s good idea for local testing custom updating through STB channel. But the project is alive :slight_smile: at this moment I’m using Google Drive and USB with Bootstrap flashing (from bootloader menu). But I’m thinking about implementing custom key and to do it I need a server with direct files access. ;(

I’m sorry, but you can’t do that on InfinityFree. You can only host websites here, not use our system as some kind of file distribution platform. You’d have better luck using an actual file hosting service, not a website hosting service, for that.

Having the devices open your website to check for updates (or something like that) should be OK. But at the point devices actually need to download the firmware, you should consider using an actual file sharing service for that.

The main trouble is that it’s not able to connect Google Drive to STB mechanism, Google does too much redirects. I wanted to do both platform for downloading images by STBs and download index for users with older images, documentation and changelogs.

Thank you for responses.

np and yw :smile:

I can only recommend you to try SPAM
how much I see they do not use cookies and I think you have enough space and traffic for your needs (personal)

upload to public folder
right click on the file
links > direct

if you visit generated link and you have F12 turned on (browser dev. tools)
you will notice yourFileHashHere ?inline=0
and you can use it as… we will not go further

if it go in that way (to STB) than great

@OxyDac said:
np and yw :smile:

I can only recommend you to try SPAM
Try SPAM?? I don’t wanna get SPAM messages on my inbox!!!

JK, you will not get any I think with that service, although the name seems to be suspicious

@ChrisPAR this is a link and can be clicked !

@OxyDac said:
@ChrisPAR this is a link and can be clicked !

But why name it SPAM if it is not SPAM?


because I’m trying not to advertise a third party here

you probably have a problem because you are on a monitor that don’t have enough
good contrast ratio and viewing angle (it is difficult for you to separate text from link)

you can write a post in the suggestion section and ask admin to choose other blue color for “a” in custom.css
my choice would be this a {color:#0064b4} the same blue as the buttons on the forum
because it is important to be harmonious with the rest forum parts
or #56A5EC

(we are very off topic now) so EOD :smiley: lol

Okay, thanks for all comments :slight_smile: Have found temporary solution. Decided also to use domain here to host website and project wiki.

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