File disappears when transferring via ftp

When trying to place a video (96 megabytes) into Httdocs, It deleted, and the file manager did not notify about errors


The maximum file size on free hosting is 10MB.

What file are you trying to upload that is so large? If it is a compressed file (.zip, .tar, .gz, etc), please extract it on your local computer before uploading.



Adding to what @Greenreader9 said, since it’s a video file, you’ll have to upload it to a video sharing service like YouTube then embed it on your website.


Or can you give examples not of such sites as YouTube, but of video exchangers like cloud storage

YouTube is a cloud storage provider, and is the recommended provider for video storage that would then be imbedded to your website.


As far as I know, if you want free hosting for video files, you have two options:

  • Video hosting services like YouTube or Vimeo. You can embed those in your site, but it will use the video player of the video platform.
  • File storage/sharing services like Dropbox or Google Drive. Those will typically use the browser’s built-in video player, but visitors will have to go to the website of the storage provider to see it.

No company I know will let you host video files and directly link to them. YouTube, Dropbox and InfinityFree all have restrictions in place.


That is, If I put the video in google drive, copy the link, and paste it in the tag video source=“link” type=“video/mp4” /video , That it will work?

If the Google Drive direct download link resolves to the video file, then it should work with the HTML5 video tag. You can’t copy the Google Drive file preview page link for the video though, you’ll have to click on the download button and quickly copy the link removing /u/0/ or whatever number of the logged in account you used to upload the video to Google Drive, remaining with the Google Drive domain address with a /, uc and the GET parameters only. Like so, you’ll get the direct download link which should work with the HTML5 video tag.


Thanks, but I can’t do it, can you please give me a link to the video? InShot_20230721_214007590.mp4 - Google Drive

Here it is:


Thank you!!!


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