File Deletes Itself

I uploaded the Ajax Chat add-on for XenForo 2.1.9 via FTP on my website and then an error appears that says the Emoji.php file was not found, I checked FTP and it was deleted, I can’t even upload it in parts , the file is very large, 30,000+ lines

Username or Website URL

Error Message

Validation of 4 678 files completed. We found some problems with the following files. Please fix these problems as soon as possible.
If you edited these files yourself, you can ignore this warning. Otherwise, you should check these files in more detail, as this may be evidence of file corruption or a potentially malicious change.

src/XF/Data/Emoji.php (Unexpected content)

Other Information

  • I’am using software: XenForo 2.1.9
  • File is 1.1 MB, Limit 10MB

limit for php files is 1MB.


Yes, but when i tried to make file and manually paste code by parts it deletes anyways.

I think the editor always deletes and uploads a new file so it’s the same

It’s same, you Cannot hold php files larger than 1MB.

Hmm, but before uploading the add-on files, the Emoji.php file was not deleted and did not cause problems

Try to upload it using the Online File Manager and not the Xenforo, and see if it still occur.

Im uploading it with

I minified code and now its 800 Kb so i can upload

He managed to make a solution and mark his own solution. xD

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Also, please note that chat scripts are not allowed on our hosting. They may not work at all, and if they do, your account will probably be suspended at all due to the abhorrent resource usage PHP chat scripts bring along.


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