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(Reason: CORS header ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ missing).

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when i try to Register a new user, the username validation just wont work, it suppoused to detect whether it is well written, and also if is, it checks database if the username is already taken, but since it donesnt get it right, it wont check on database. it is not database problem ofcourse, because the email field works just fine, and there does the same validation. of course this worked flawless with xamp in local server but stop working when i uploaded to the server online. Thnak you any help would be very appreciated.

That’s because the file does not exist. Please make sure your code is correct, and the file is uploaded to the correct location.

Also, I highly recommend that you don’t do this. Someone could easily get you suspended by spamming random characters into the forum for a few minutes (For both the hits limit, and possibly the MySQL limit). Instead, you should run the username check after the form is submitted (Making sure to retain the information of the fields on failure).

Also, thanks for testing my Spanish knowedge :slight_smile:
(Yes, it needs work)


Omg, result that the filename was validarusuario.php and not validarUsuario.php. thank you for help me
to notice that! and about your recommendation, my project its a university project, so i dont really think that may be a problem for now, but, ill consider if it become real project.
Gracias Amigo! anytime =D

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