Few question about premium features

Hello, I would like to buy premium plan, but while testing my sites on the free plan, I had a few questions:

  1. I tried to use external cronjob (from cron-job.org), but request returns me:
    “This site requires Javascript to work, please enable Javascript in your browser or use a browser with Javascript support”
    Will I be able to use similar crons on the premium plan?
  2. Do You have any restrictions for plugins on premium plan? Can I use WPAutomatic plugin and auto posters like a FS-Poster or Social Network Auto Poster?

Likely due to this:

No restrictions, enjoy!


Hello @slipstream! Thanks for inquiring about premium.

To answer your first question, cron-job.org does not work because of the security system which is not present on premium.

The answer to your second question is: most likely not. Premium hosting is more suitable for the plugins you described, so you should not experience too many problems.

Enjoy your premium account!


The answers to your question have been pretty good, but I just want to add one thing.

On premium hosting (And here too), there is a feature in the control panel just for creating from jobs, that way you don’t have to use an external site!


This. Why would you use an external service for cron jobs when we’re offering this feature as part of our hosting?


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