Few images doesn't show on web


On my this website, on “Picture” menu doesn’t show two pictures. Number 9 and 10. What could be wrong. I tried to upload file again, but it didn’t fix my page.

I could see all pictures, can you try to clear cache

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Sorry. On picture menu shows all pictures, but on Photo Transition menu doesn’t show picture 9 and 10. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

When I open my page on Chrome, shows all pictures for me. And how to clear cache?


I just checked the images and they don’t load for me either. When I try to access http://sigitas.epizy.com/pics/LON20-013.jpg directly, I get a 404 error page, meaning the image file does not exist.

Can you please verify that all picture files have been uploaded to your site, including the correct file names?


I just checked, the file exists but doesn’t load due to the case sensitivity.


What is “case sensitivity”? And why just two pictures?

Yes I see. But why on my local server, my computer, works everything well, but on here no? I’ve checked again, and I re-uploaded pictures few times. Same issue.
No I am trying to do experiment, and upload in same position different pictures. Maybe it will work???
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It means that, FREE and free are not same. The character and the upper case or lower case shd be same


Oh sh… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I forgot about that, I knew it. But as I know HTML not case sensitive??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: When I learned Python, yes, it is case sensitive…
But anyway, why on my local server works everything good?

Infinityfree servers are case sensitive tho


hour or bit more ago I took off styling from these two pictures, they should be no transition effects, but when I opening my page, still doesn’t show pictures, but still shows transition effects…

Yes all files was uploaded with correct names, but as I said, it is works on my local server but not on infinityfree server.
Now I just replaced these to pictures to the other ones, and my page now are showing everything correct.
Thanks for your support.


The issue here isn’t programming code case sensitivity, but rather how the server loads files from its storage. The case sensitivity is given the URL /pics/LON20-013.jpg, does the server also detect /pics/lon20-013.jpg and /pics/LON20-013.JPG to be the same file.

On Windows, files and folders are not case sensitive, so you cannot have these different file names in the same folder. But on Linux (which basically all web hosting servers run on), files are case sensitive, so you can have three different files with the same name but different capitalization. So the server can only find the file with the matching capitalization.


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