i am unable to install adlinkfly script. note that it is for my personal use only. but i am unable to to install it.

Why? What’s the issue?

Also, have you tried getting support from the script author? You’re paying for it, after all.

And if you didn’t, please note that we don’t just frown upon URL shorteners, we also do not allow pirated/illegal software to be hosted here.


The script is original. i have bought it and i have the license key as well.

further the script will only used by me, no one else.

so please help to install install the script

Please get support from the script author then. As they wrote it, they will be able to trubleshoot this a lot better then we can.


You replied to everything I said except for the one part that actually helps you:

I’m happy to help, so please tell me what exactly the issue is and what I can do for you.


unable to install the script only.

500 status error


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