Feature Requests for InfinityFree

Here is some features InfinityFree should add.

  1. AI Features
    InfinityFree should add AI functionaility (such as ChatGPT or DALL-E), to make it easier to generate websites using natural language.
  2. Login with InfinityFree
    InfinityFree should have an OAuth feature with an API to manage hosting accounts. Some uses are for hosting services that will not accept any authentication unless you provide a password, which we will find out here. This OAuth is what enables the web application that will host the account.

No, simply no. AI is very prone to mistakes and can introduce many security vulnerabilities. Unless AI had a 99.9% guarantee that it would not fail, then no.


AI is all the rage, and it’s a very useful tool to aid with website building.

However, it doesn’t make sense to do as a hosting provider. We don’t provide website building tools, only hosting. If people want to build websites, they need to choose and setup their own website building software, like WordPress. And we cannot build an integration that integrates with every website building software that people choose, let alone create themselves.

Elementor, Divi and Site.pro all have AI text generation available. I’m not sure if they only offer this on their hosted version or also as part of the plugin, but if they do, then AI features are already available for you today. And they are in a good position, because they already integrate with website content management.

And integrating OpenAI APIs into website building software doesn’t really need anything from the hosting provider.

Finally, AI stuff is not cheap. Free hosting already runs on thin margins. Adding awesome, but costly and unnecessary (you can already get AI stuff in other ways) features to a service that’s already great value, just doesn’t make sense.

It’s definitely cool, and maybe there is a market for a freemium AI website building tool. But it doesn’t make sense to make it a part of the InfinityFree service.

I don’t understand what you mean by this part:

What services do you mean by this? What services do you see that would integrate our custom APIs?


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