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Hello, I am creating a website in PHP that manages PDF, DOC, DOCX and TXT files, basically it is a virtual library with the objective of storing documents about the programming area and the like, this is a non-profit website and whose sole purpose is to index these files for studies and to index external links to tools and sites that help developers and students in the area.

I am currently generating the thumbnails via JS, however, the thumbnails generated this way are not good, they are usually cut, other times they are not generated and I would like to create the thumbnails in PHP and convert them to base64 and save them in a file json, however imagisk is disabled for me.
Could you enable it so that I can be generating these thumbnails in PHP?

Thanks for listening.

(sorry for my english)

Not possible on free hosting


Please note that free hosting is not meant to be used to store files. Majority of the files on your website should be used to actually display a website.


We don’t have the PHP Imagick extension installed. But we do have the GD extension that can also be used to edit images, including making thumbnails.

There are many guides online on how to use GD to make thumbnails. This is one example I quickly found:


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