FB developer callback URL

Anybody know how to make FB developer callback URL for infinity free web url.

cuz you needed to edit some part in your infinity for the webhoot url to be valid.
something like .env folder

I am not really sure what an FB developer callback is. My guess is Facebook, but a quick Google search does not really bring up anything that seems correct.

And nothing I see has anything to do with an .env file (Items with extensions are most commonly files, not folders)

What exactly are you trying to do?

Also, please use the correct category next time. I changed it for you.


I am currently developing an open source Facebook messaging bot for pages, and I am in the final stages of testing. To access the Facebook Messaging API, you will need your own access token, along with other necessary components. Once completed, other developers will be able to use this bot as a resource for their own projects or users.

Please note that InfiniyFree is a webhosting provider, not an API or bot hosting.

Your account/domain must be primarily used to show a website, not be used as an API/bot.

Our automated systems to protect against this are probably what is getting in your way.


Adding to this: @0to9only if you haven’t read it, the following article explains in full what is likely interfering:


is there anyway to access .env file. the project is not a 100% bot i just do some automated task for you if you want bruh.
it just a simple project created by me using HTML; CSS; JS AND PHP; SQL with facebook api calls bruh.

see the project here

If Facebook is the one trying to access the file, no, that’s not possible here.

While you clearly do have a user interface, the primary purpose of your site is not to show a website, its to offer a bot/API service, which we don’t allow.

However, you should be able to do this on most premium hosting plans


ok, thanks.

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