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Hi I was working on a test website with infinite free using a template from the starter templates and everything was going fine. Today I updated some plugins, I only have a few and tried to update wordpress to version 5.4. it would not update and says
An automated WordPress update has failed to complete - [please attempt the update again now]
then when I try to view the website it says.
“There has been a critical error on your website [Learn more about debugging in WordPress.]”

I know nothing about coding but I installed a debug plugin and now the message when I try to view the site says

Fatal error : Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function is_favicon() in /home/vol13_5/epizy.com/epiz_25243429/htdocs/wp-includes/class-wp.php:664 Stack trace: #0 /home/vol13_5/epizy.com/epiz_25243429/htdocs/wp-includes/class-wp.php(738): WP->handle_404() #1 /home/vol13_5/epizy.com/epiz_25243429/htdocs/wp-includes/functions.php(1274): WP->main(‘’) #2 /home/vol13_5/epizy.com/epiz_25243429/htdocs/wp-blog-header.php(16): wp() #3 /home/vol13_5/epizy.com/epiz_25243429/htdocs/index.php(17): require(‘/home/vol13_5/e…’) #4 {main} thrown in /home/vol13_5/epizy.com/epiz_25243429/htdocs/wp-includes/class-wp.php on line 664

There has been a critical error on your website.

Has anyone got an idea of how I can solve this and please remember I am new to this and no nothing about coding
Thank you for any help you can give me Victor

It sounds like your WordPress update failed and corrupted your WordPress installation. Fortunately, we’ve already written a guide which explains exactly how to solve this:



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