Fatal Error on my webpage

Hi guys

On my elgg website (http://ratenetwork.epizy.com/) appears a fatal error and the time stamp #1492271717

Username @iionly said that i needed to find my error log, but the one i found is completly empty, it is to note that since i installed elgg that error appeard, my website was never running, so idk what to do. I’ve already reinstalled elgg on my website using softaculous autoinstaller (Im using infinityfree as my hosting website) but again, my website has never been open, that error appeard since the begining

Help is very appreciated guys, thanks again.

Have you checked whether Elgg has any debug or logging facilities itself? Not all scripts send their errors to the system error log.

@admin How do i do that? Thanks for the answer

@RateNetwork said:
@admin How do i do that? Thanks for the answer

Check the document for the script? Google “elgg troubleshooting”, “elgg error log”, “elgg debug mode” or something like that? I’ve never used Elgg personally so I don’t know how it’s supposed to work.