Fatal error: Certificate verification: Not trusted

Username: epiz_26025478 and website minnican.com

I’m trying to upload files to my website from a Raspberry Pi and I keep getting this error:

“Jun 21 14:28:21 raspberrypi allsky.sh[547]: cd: Fatal error: Certificate verification: Not trusted (4A:98:A4:7E:69:CC:DB:35:96:9E:B1:CF:CC:97:EC:37:5A:28:2D:4C)”

Do you have any idea what this means and how would I resolve it please?

I can connect and upload using Filezilla but not from the Raspberry Pi.

Is it a Raspberry Pi problem or is it an InfinityFree website problem?

Thanks in advance.

What are you actually trying to do?
What it seems to me is you want to upload camera images to the server (which is questionable in TOS
because the use of hosting as file storage is not allowed)
and you do it via “FTP”…

I assume you are using SFTP which is not supported on this server

You can try plain FTP or FTPS

If you can’t establish communication through plain FTP
then there is something else that creates the problem

You can also try to install the fileZilla FTP client and try over it on that linux

In addition, check that the date and time (and year :smile: ) are correct on your device


Hi and thanks for your response.

I’m setting up an all sky camera which uploads images but overwrites them so it’s not “storage” really.

I can connect using Filezilla without problems.

I assume I’m using lftp on the Raspberry Pi but my knowledge of this is poor.

The date, time and year are correct for my location.

I’m afraid I’m guessing here.

I’m gonna say it’s not allowed either, because the purpose of our hosting is for regular websites only.


Ok that’s a shame. Thanks for the assistance.

Like others have said, automatic photo upload sites are not allowed here. Storage space is the first concern, because we provide a website hosting, not a photo backup service.

But even if you have a small number of files being replaced frequently, we still cannot support that use case. We provide an FTP service for the purpose of website administration. Using it for automated backups is not something we can allow. We’ve installed fair usage limits on the FTP service to help ensure this.


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