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Hi everyone, i have a problem with OJS 2.x en hosting plan free of infinityfree. It could be a version php error.
The composer.json is:

	"require": {
		"ralouphie/getallheaders": "*",
		"components/jqueryui": "1.*",
		"components/jquery": "3.*",
		"wikimedia/less.php": "1.*",
		"phpmailer/phpmailer": "6.*",
		"smarty/smarty": "3.*",
		"ezyang/htmlpurifier": "4.*",
		"moxiecode/plupload": "2.*",
		"tinymce/tinymce": "4.*",
		"alex198710/pnotify": "dev-master",
		"michelf/php-markdown": "1.*",
		"slim/slim": "3.*",
		"pimple/pimple": "3.*",
		"illuminate/database": "^5.5.41",
		"illuminate/validation": "^5.5.41",
		"firebase/php-jwt": "5.*",
		"danielstjules/stringy": "3.*",
		"adodb/adodb-php": "dev-v5.20.14-mods",
		"gettext/gettext": "^4.6",
		"sokil/php-isocodes": "^3.0"
	"require-dev": {
		"phpunit/phpunit": "~8",
		"psy/psysh": "@stable"
	"config": {
		"component-dir": "lib/components",
		"vendor-dir": "lib/vendor",
		"platform": {
			"php": "7.2.0"
	"repositories": [
			"type": "vcs",
			"url": "https://github.com/asmecher/ADOdb"

and the version del hosting es 7.4.8

could you change the the version of php to 7.2.0 to make a test?

Hi and welcome back to the forum! Unfortunately we, nor you, can’t change the PHP version on free hosting. Plus OJS 2.x is retired, so you’ll be better off upgrading to the latest version.

Also, you’re wrong; the version of PHP running on free hosting servers is 8.2.12, so it’s even worse if you don’t upgrade the software.


hi, ty for share it. i saw this in the cpanel and thougth that the version is 7.4…8

In the premium plan of the hosting can i make a downgrade to the 7.2.0 version php?


You may want to ask this question to their support team. This article mentions how to get in touch with them:


That information is incorrect. It’s a hard coded value which is out of date. We should update that.

Yes, premium hosting has a PHP version selector that lets you choose other PHP versions, including 7.2.


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