Fast remove 2 accounts

hi i need to remove thous 2 accounts

  • [epiz_23253104]
  • [epiz_23259228]

I’m sorry, but there is no way to remove accounts on request. If you’ve removed all domains from the account, they will be removed soon.

My Account All Domain Deleted bt howing
" Your account will be removed soon"
Your account does not have any domain names attached to it, so it will be removed automatically within 30 days

Already 30 days end but not Remove my Account

I checked your accounts and I see that changes have been made 20 days ago. Please wait until the first week of March have passed, and make sure to not touch the account in the mean time.

Thanks admin :+1:t2:

30 days ago Not Deleted Action On My 2 sites please Help admin

I’m sorry, but there is not much I can do here. The inactivity timers should automatically suspend and delete inactive accounts. However, I can’t tell or control whether an account is considered invalid or when it’s eligible for deletion.

All I can recommend is to not touch the account. Don’t make any changes and definitely don’t login to the control panel, as doing so would likely reset any inactivity timers.

My Unuse website is not deleted but (my currently working website web server down probleam)

Not deleted my site and Not Show inactivity timers.

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  2. epiz_23209799

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