Failure to upgrade my infinity free account to premium

Website URL

Error Message

Domain name is invalid
Its been nearly a week and a half now, i have been trying to upgrade my infinity free account to premium plan. When i visit to order my premium plan , after clicking and entering my domain name , there is an error message that says invalid domain , and even after i folloed every step from the instructions provided by infinity free ,i still get the same result,
And the my account has been suspended for nearly 48hours now, and i haven’t visited or done anything to the site due to hits but since i have to upgrade my free account to premium, i have been facing frustrating problems on account upgrade

This is urgent

Please check this out


What did you put into that? If you are trying to enter your free subdomain then I’m afraid of it won’t work.
Please follow the guide that KangJL had given to you, and create a support ticket at ifn to ask them migrate your site for you.



There may be an issue with the domain as it is a subdomain instead of a base domain.

However, if you contact, they will be able to help you out.



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