Failing to open the database and website not loading well

The database isnt loading and the site is loading improperly, but works well on my localhost. However the site has been up for couple months now. So we were maintaining it. Can you fix it on your side admin that we can proceed uploading database files ASAP. or

The site loads quite fast for me actually. Maybe it was just a temporary issue.


I see its now working :blush:

Unfortunately I still cant access my databases at so my users arent able to access their accounts. Please help me ASAP

Hi there,

I’m not sure but can you please refer to this announcement:

Ooh this has to be fixed ASAP, should we be expecting this week or the other?

The database servers were upgraded last Friday. So that announcement doesn’t apply anymore.

As for phpMyAdmin, please note that logging in directly is not supported. You can only login to phpMyAdmin by using the login buttons from the control panel.


But I still cant access my databases

Where is the login button, for the phpMyAdmin section in the control panel is a mere list of databases with a “Connect” button in the far right.

“Connect” means, “connect to this database”, which means “open phpMyAdmin and login to this database”.

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Thats my view, but when check up the source code its showing up. What might be blocking the front end?

What’s the “you must login to this network” message about? Is it possible that there is some kind of network restriction on your end that prevents you from accessing phpMyAdmin?

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