Failing attempts to display an Excel spreadsheet saved as html

[### Website URL] (

Error Message

404 Not Found

Other Information

I uploaded the directory generated when I saved the Excel spreadsheet as html.
I also uploaded the html file itself. It displays ok on my localhost but I get the 404 message on infinityfree.

Could it be because I have not yet taken the time to figure out how to do the security certificate thing yet.

Never mind. I fixed it.

On transfer, for some reason the html extension was changed to just htm and my php program was looking for an html extension.


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Although it MAINLY works, for some reason, the “transactions” sheet in the workbook shows up as unfound (404).

Of course, it is the most significant sheet in the workbook.

Is there a file size limit? The 4th sheet of this Excel workbook is a little over 2 megabytes. It never seems to show up in the directory, whether I try to transfer it with the rest of the files in the directory or on its own using FileZilla.

I found the answer to this as well. There is a 1 Meg limit for html files.