Failed to upload / 413

when i try to upload a file it says that

Hi and welcome to the forum! The file and upload size limit is 10 MBs; if you try to upload a file larger than that you’re going to be limited by the limit we have on the storage as well. Here are some more articles, strictly connected to each other:


and since I upload so many files, some are heavy and too much, it could take me several days to upload them.

What exactly are you trying to host with us? Note that non-website content is not allowed, and large web applications may result in hitting the limitations of free hosting.

If you are trying to manually install a common application (OpenCart, WordPress, etc), you can see if it is available in the Softaculous installer.


To upload an entire website with potentially many files, the recommended way to do so is to upload the directory from your computer to our servers with FileZilla. Yes, it will take a while depending on network speed and latency. But you can just let it run and it will upload your website without any interaction from you.

Feel free to try other methods if you want to. But know that you’ll be on your own if you do, and don’t be surprised if it ends up costing you a lot more time without any results.


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