Failed to upload / 413

im using monsta ftp to upload a flash game, however i cant because its too big, the same applies for some other flash game i was trying to upload, my best guess for the file size limit is 10.5 kilobytes, can anyone help me upload these files? could i make a text file, paste chunks of the file into the text file and rename it to be a .swf?

edit: its actually in megabytes, not kilobytes :man_facepalming:

SWF binaries contains animations, audio, video, ActionScripts, etc…

The only thing you can do is to decompile with some tool (mostly expensive)
and then edit some resources to be smaller (optimised) and then compile and hope that it works, but since the authors intentionally used obfuscate code and do other things is a small chance that you will even succeed (there will always be an error because the decompile tools are not miraculous)
and in doing so you would also violate copyright and other rights of the authors

You’d spend a lot of time for something that’s dying out.
Adobe will stop supporting flash in 2020.

Even now it’s a big security flaw, and imagine what it’s going to be like when it’s not patched :slight_smile:

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