Failed to parse dev map/ CORB blocking

hello everyone,

I recently joined this website and I like it a lot so far. but sadly I encountered some issues after uploading my files. when i access my website for some reason my java-script files are blocked

the java-script code should display data stored in the database as graphs, it worked when I used XAMPP (localhost). any suggestion of how I can fix this problem.

java-script files:

first is not a JS file , it’s a MAP file and does not exist
the rest of the warning concerns the infinityfree 404 website and it has nothing to do with your site

here DB is not called localhost and maybe that’s part of the problem

you did not mention which type is DB or is it some xml doc and so on

you use php so i guess you have chosen Back-end Integrations Integrations | FusionCharts

if it so - did you do all that you needed? PHP Charts for Laravel , CodeIgniter, and Symphony | 150 + Charts and 1000+ Maps

GUEST mode have error 500
I suggest you

this fits better (because the server here uses a lot of similar settings)

Besides, you also have Softaculous inside and you can experiment with various applications from it locally

thank you so much for the help, sadly no success till now but I think that I am getting the hang off it. ill keep adjusting the code till i get some results. I am currently using MySQL & ill try ampps as soon as possible.

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