Failed to connect to Mysql

please i keep getting the error failed to connect to Mysql:Access denied for user ‘epiz_33895316’@‘’ (using password:YES)…Have checked my password and database name all correct yet still having the issue pls i need help thankyou

I checked your website and it seems to be working fine from here. Where exactly on your site do you see these errors?

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hi admin, I encountered the same error, you can check it out at http://chat2ai.e***

please help, thanks

Access denied for user ‘epiz_33917567’@‘’ (using password: YES)

Good, then please be sure to select your notification preferences at the bottom of the topic so you’ll be notified when we investigate this issue for @camangles.

If you want us to investigate this issue for your site specifically, then please create your own topic instead of replying to someone else’s.

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I have created my own topic. Thanks.

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