Failed To Access Files In Subfolders


Error Message

I am failing to access files in subfolders.

Example: admin/include/announcer/no-ar-home.php
some .php files that you have in subfolders do not appear in Directory Listing
even without .htaccess

i apologize for my english, i am using google translator

Welcome to the forum

Please give a little more information, you domain, screenshots, what’s supposed to show…?

Are you sure you correctly uploaded the files? If you used the online file manager, it sometimes doesn’t upload all the files correctly. Try using an FTP client instead.


Just going to add that your files have to be below 10mb or they are auto-deleted.

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Hello Green Reader9,

all my files are under 10MB.

Thanks for reminding me.

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If you want us to help you, can you provide a bit more info?


My domain:

the file was uploaded by an ftp manager.

Seems unclear
This is what I see

So what’s missing?

this is just an example, but that part is missing.

Likely due to this

Most likely you have to change the


folder to other name


Thanks for the info !

But some files from the includes folder appear normally.

But I will try to do a test.

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