Facing problem with monsta ftp

From today morning i cannot login to the FTP server saying some Master Password and cannot login and my test site is down since morning. Need Help!!

Can you use filezilla and try?
There is currently an outage at the moment


I used FileZilla yesterday and it was fine. But the major issue is my site is down for some reason. is it because of this master password.


Same here. I also cannot open “Online File Manager” because of an unknown Master Password… Kindly fix this…

Your IP address is one of the servers that’s affected by this outage:

No, the Master Password is a bit of useless functionality in the MonstaFTP software. It’s not related to FTP. Normally you don’t see it because you just click the file manager button and you’re logged in, but if the file manager cannot connect, it will show the login screen (with many buttons you shouldn’t touch).