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Facebook won’t show my link previews because it doesn’t like my SSL certificate. I’m using Zero SSL on files.rydercragie.com. Any help please?

Twitter also doesn’t like it.


First of all remove redirection
https://files.rydercragie.com/ redirect to https://www.rydercragie.com/

so the FB and TW bot have time to analyze your page

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I don’t want my entire directory to be visible though. I have a lot of files.

How then do you think the TW bot will come and see the ograph if you redirect it from files.subdomain to main domain ?

Why is this subdomain important to you to be on FB and TW ?

Do you have an index file in the subdomain at all ?

why don’t you just use the main domain


.htaccess file

# Disable Directory Listings in this Directory and Subdirectories
# This will hide the files from the public unless they know direct URLs
Options -Indexes

You’re not understanding. I tried to share a link to a file on files.rydercragie.com (like files.rydercragie.com/Other/test.txt). The file I was trying to share DOES have a link preview in the code but it doesn’t work with Facebook because of an SSL issue.

And after the past issues I’ve seen when I’ve modified my .htaccess file, I’m never changing it again.


Because I don’t want to share a link to my website homepage.

if it is this .txt you gave then it has no preview
because this forum would also do what you want it to be on FB or TW

see ? nothing




I can’t help you anymore (I don’t have access to anything because of
redirects nor can I see how you did that “preview”)

You didn’t even specify what kind of files it is (extensions)

for many there is probably no support in the ograph

and I believe that TW and FB only work with web pages (HTML)

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That was an example file. That’s not the one I shared on Facebook.


So it should be working then. But it’s not.

Anyone know how to fix this SSL error please?

As @Oxy said, you need to remove the redirection. I think FB is checking the certificate on the main page of the sub-domain, but it can’t do that due to the redirection. Just create an index.html file on the subdomain with a link to your main domain instead.

Done. But Facebook still doesn’t show the preview.

You might need to wait for them to re-index, or at least for cache to clear. Remember that nothing happened immedetly on the web.

Well it doesn’t redirect anymore so I’ll just wait.

I think your .htaccess file is to blame

the certificate looks OK to me but you have mixed content

because it pulls a plain http instead of https for the error page
and then turn it all into www.rydercragie.com

probably some bad combination of hiding extensions and forcing on HTTPS (plus www) that leads where it already leads (see last arrow)

besides this is the content of your error page

I don’t see <html><head><body> tags and other basics at all (invalid)

no wonder FB or TW are protesting

you have complicated everything unnecessarily

please give the exact URL of the html file you want to submit to FB and TW
so that we can test it


This is the error page code. It does not contain any http links. Your browser/code viewer is showing the wrong code. https://files.rydercragie.com/Other/404-Code.txt

I haven’t got a clue where it’s pulling www.rydercragie.com from. It’s not in the code.

I don’t understand what you mean by wrong code
the same code is in your link and is not valid HTML

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Okay. I obviously can’t code. Now it’s a blank page.

What issue do I need to fix next?

Just for reference, this is my current .htaccess file.

Can you do this?

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