Facebook for developers does not detect the SSL certificate

I was trying to make a post for my website in facebook but when I put the url no image or content is displayed in the post.
I’m search for resolve and install yoast seo, this plugin request for a facebook app id to work properly.
Then I create an account in facebook for developers and everything looks fine when I set up the app, take the id and enable the seo optimization.
Later i’m going to facebook to write the post and nothing is showed yet… I´m return to the app configuration and when I try to debug with my “https://site.ml” url this message was showed:
“SSL Error Can’t validate SSL Certificate. Either it is self-signed (which will cause browser warnings) or it is invalid.”
And, when I try to debug my “site.ml” url some data are showed but there is an http: url site

Something of you can help me on this trouble?

Can you please provide your domain name so that we can check?

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Are you looking for support? if yes then why are you creating topics under Informal category???

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