Facebook does not accept links


I cannot post links to my website on facebook. The links are labeled “spam” and are blocked. My page is on great-site.net, free plan. SSL ist on.

Is there a way to put great-site.net on a white list? If not, which domain is better so that I can move the page? I don’t want to try all of them :slight_smile:

Thank you

I imagine it’s been reported for spam, which has happened before. Maybe google around to find out how to get the domain of the blacklist.


Ok, I will try.

Do you know which of the infinity domains is not blacklisted? Trying out all of them takes a long time, as activation can take up to 72 hours.

Ok, epizy.com ist working on facebook :slight_smile: So I have at least one that is working!

This had happened to me too, most of the domains hosted on free hosting services get blacklisted by Facebook.

Yes, unfortunately it seems so. Here I found a message from facebook about what you can do.


I will try it soon after I have set up my website in the new version. I had to rebuild some things, especially my pdf files and photo galleries on a file host.

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