Facebook banned my link

facebook banned my site being posted,they banned me from posting to community board too.

its all because I joined anti-zionism group. anybody have an alternative to reach them?

So how related is this to the hosting?

I think what this user is tell you is that facebook is blocking free domain 's .I’ve not seen this from this service yet but i have seen it on other one’s

Again. It’s not related to this hosting, it’s something related to Facebook. that they’re blocking our websites&free domains.

I no this is’t a problem as part of this hosting . But what if a user run into the same problem on other services . I design websites myself and i think some hosting don’t like free hosting

Most trolls&spammers pick free hosting&free domains for their goal, that’s why things like facebook bans posting such site urls.

I am part of a Group for Amateur radio and When i just a free hosting for my sites I’ve always contacted facebook about my free site domain and have not had problem for years. The key is contacting facebook and tell them dons’t have Junk/Spam .

Now Instagram blocked this site

yes, nothing to do with this forum,just sharing.

You must read this:

I think facebook is thinking your website is unsecure, not trusted, or harmful. Facebook is very strict in posting, or messaging a link. Check all possible sources(including CDN). Maybe you could put SSL.

Maybe you should optimize your site & not too many redirects. This way Facebook can gain information and will think that website is secured.

Or nothing works, you can see their knowledgebase or report the problem to Facebook.

They’ve found *.rf.gd and *.epizy.com domains as inappropriate sites. That’s why.

Simply: use your own domain for your site or contact these social medias to unblack your site.


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