eyeOS issue

Website URL http://cloudhook-project.epizy.com/pc/index.php

Error Message

I installed eyeOS and when I open it I get an error

There is an error in this eyeOS installation, please contact the system administrator

Can admin help me?

I have tried to use eyeOS, it is a broken software.


It’s your website, you are the system administrator of that site.

Oh okay

This is a issue with how Softaculous installs this software, as you can see at installations.infinityfreeapp.com/eyeos there is also a issue with the installation.

It’s just an issue with the app itself, as you see from wikipedia

Stable release: Professional Edition / April 3, 2012; 8 years ago

It is an outdated piece of software which appears to be discontinued, now they are redoing it for something called ‘HTML5 Virtualization’, which isn’t able to run on free hosting servers, that version is now a Proprietary License, and not free anymore for softaculous.

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