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I am experiencing painfully slow loading times, it has started happening around 5 or 6 days ago which makes it impossible for me to learn how to create websites (my website is very mismatched, don’t pay attention to content as it’s solely for learning). Everything just takes so long that I can’t follow along with the marketing course, as well as getting errors, being unable to upload a picture to product etc.

You probably have too many plugins/themes, or one that is incompatible. Can you please list the plugins and themes you have installed? Thanks!

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New Hosting Account Running Wordpress Long Load Times - #2 by Greenreader9


I am using the Sydney theme. The plugins are Antispam Bee, aThemes Starter Sites, Elementor, Sydney Toolbox, Updraft Plus - Backup/Restore, WooCommerce, Wordfence Security, WPForms Lite (which is not active). And as I’ve said it started happening only recently, I tried disabling the plugins that were most recent installs but that did not help with anything.

The Sydney theme description reads, “Sydney is a powerful business theme,” and, “fully compatible with Elementor,” which makes me think that it is not a lightweight theme.

I know that Elementor is not a good idea to use on Free Hosting because it is quite resource-intensive (which is a cause for the long load time) and can get you suspended quickly.

It is a good idea to stay away from backup plugins, as they also generate high I/O usage, and generally don’t work on Free Hosting because of the 10mb file size limit. It is easier to set up a reminder to use the Softaculous Backup function every ½-1 weeks.

And I don’t know what Sydney Toolbox does, but it also sounds like it would use a lot of resources. Reading the changelog makes me believe this, too.

The aThemes Starter Sites plugin seems slightly unnecessary, considering you have both aThemes’ Sydney theme and aThemes’ Sydney Toolbox for the corresponding theme.

I know that WooCommerce is also generally a pain to set up and I’ve heard that in some configurations/circumstances is quite slow.

Also, looking in to most of the plugins you listed, it seems that most of them haven’t been tested with WordPress 6.0+. This may bring compatibility errors or the plugin working slower than it should. Also, as WordPress progresses in its life, it is going to get progressively heavier, which means that it will also get slower.

Hope this helps you!


I tried disabling all plugins and it made the website go by quicker but still not as fast as it used to be. Then I enabled all of them besides having athemes starter sites and backup plugins now deleted and it’s still very slow, so I’ll try to play around with the other plugins still. Now that I think of it the speed issues might have to do with wordpress update as I did update it around that timeframe and that’s when issues started appearing. Thank you for your time though!

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Could you please try running a benchmark like this one and share the results here? It will help us isolate whether this is a performance problem of the server or from your website.


So somehow my website is back to it’s normal running speed today, I seriously have no idea how. If it goes back to it’s slow state I’ll make sure to reply.

It is probably loading faster now because a bunch of people from this forum visited it, clearing up all the tasks sitting around in the cron list. It will probably go back to its slower speed in a few days.


Hey dude, don’t waste your time finding fixes, the answer is easy: You are using a free hosting, and that has actually a cost. All my websites take up to 15 - 20 seconds to actually /start/ loading.
I recommend you to upgrade for a premium plan if you are trying to go serious with the website.

If you don’t use WordPress, but rather custom HTML/CSS, sites here will load really fast. I have an HTML/PHP site (see my profile) that loads in under a second in some locations.


Not planning to go serious with a website for quite some time, just learning to have the skill and for marketing internships in case they use WordPress and want me to do something with it.

@Camilles I’ve been trying to freelance in Wordpress too, it seems like people aren’t that interested, maybe i’m searching in the wrong place lol

I mean the entire premise of WordPress is do it yourself. People that want to hire someone generally want something custom coded, not something they can do themselves. While there are people that hire WordPress designers, they are not as common as people who hire for a custom project.


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