External email service

I recently bought domain name and want to have a @mydomain email.

I heard about Yandex before and decided to try it out. At first it was great, gmail even thinked mail was important. The problem is that yandex thinks that every mail that i send from SMTP ( even the ones from web mail ) are labeled as SPAM and not sent.

The reason why I am asking here is because mail is disabled and wanted to ask community how they managed to solve this problem.

Is there any service you would recommend?
Thanks in advance

ImpovMX is also the best for SMTP, visit the website for more info!


ImprovMX is good.
EDIT: @katufo did it.

I use Yandex and I don’t see any problems related to spam.
Yes this happened with me earlier. But I got the solution.

If the issue is solved, then its ok.
If not solved, always ask me for help.

Thanks for your suggestion, I made account on ImprovMX just to see that I need to upgrade to premium(9$/month) just for SMTP and I do not even have mailbox and need to forward to gmail account.

Is there any other suggestion I can try or someone who overcome Yandex SPAM problem?

Oh I am sorry, it looks like we sent mail in same time. Can you please tell me how you solved problem?

Okay I will suggest you that use Yandex.Mail
It’s the best and free service.

It’s very simple. But I can guide you my best if you tell me your website configuration. Like do you use any external DNS provider like Cloudflare? Where are the nameservers currently?

I bought my domain from epik so there are the nameservers. I have set up MX, SPF, DKIM and even set CNAME records for mail.mydomain to point to some yandex site. I am using PHPMailer to send mails from my website and I will insert log file of the error bellow this text.

2020-06-26 13:35:34 SERVER → CLIENT: 554 5.7.1 [2] Message rejected under suspicion of SPAM; Борьба со спамом - Почта. Справка 1593178574-trfWoS8ROx-aDkWPJRT
2020-06-26 13:35:34 SMTP ERROR: DATA END command failed: 554 5.7.1 [2] Message rejected under suspicion of SPAM; Борьба со спамом - Почта. Справка 1593178574-trfWoS8ROx-aDkWPJRT
SMTP Error: data not accepted.
2020-06-26 13:35:34 CLIENT → SERVER: QUIT
2020-06-26 13:35:34 SERVER → CLIENT: 221 2.0.0 Closing connection.

This is just part of log file because it have some informations i can not share with you.

Does your website have SSL?

https://aleksa.xyz it has Lets Encrypt SSL

Oh might be Let’s Encrypt is causing problem. Have you tried using Cloudflare?

Have you even read log file?

Yes I see that spam is the problem.

That’s why I said that I used Cloudflare and Yandex Integration.
Also you need to set all records of yandex mail in your dns provider.
See that in DNS management.

I am not sure for your provider.

Can anyone recommend any other service? This is not helpful at all.

what about Zoho Mail?

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The link in the error message seems to point to an article with a few possible explanations about why your email might be rejected. Have you seen those and checked if any of them may apply to the message you’re trying to send?

Also, all the email providers listed here are good for receiving mails. But if you just want to send email from your site, you don’t need that. ImprovMX only does forwarding for free. Zoho doesn’t do SMTP for free either.

You can also use an SMTP only provider like SMTP2Go to send email from your site. You can then continue to use Zoho to receive email.


But admin, then How am I using Yandex for sending mails? Quite surprised i have no errors

Thanks for your answer. The problem is that Yandex also states that ther email is just intended for messaging between people, not for sending my password recovery mails from my site or sending mails that are similar. One of the reasons they block mails listed bellow.

“Messages that are similar, use a template, or contain commercial or advertizing proposals are sent from your mailbox. Yandex.Mail doesn’t allow you to send these types of email. Our service is intended for actual communication between people.”

I will try to find issue in the next couple of days if I do not succeed I will try something like noreply@mydomain with SMTP2GO which you have suggested and/or info@mydomain on yandex web site which works great for receiving or sending mail (altrough i have to do captcha) .

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