External Domain Suspended


I’m struggling to link my external domain to this,
I’m also in contact with the host of my domain but for some reason they can’t help me properly.

If i connect to the Subdomain (the Infinityfree Domain) i can connect but if i use the external Domain i will be redirected to suspendeddomain.org and then suspended-website.org

I already checked out the forum but couldn’t find the problem.

Can someone help me?

Well you did not follow the template, so we are going to have a hard time helping you without a URL.


Excuse me.

Tell me what things you need to know,

Can you provide your website URL/link?


The External domain: http://bartrietdijk.nl/
The Infinityfree domain: http://bartsblogs.lovestoblog.com/

Have you changed your nameservers on your domain to the epizy servers?

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I did, but then it didn’t work. when i contacted the hosting for my domain they were complaining that i should use their Nameservers.
So now i’m stuck

Who is your domain registrar?

Vimexx is my Domain host

I’m pretty sure it’s a problem with your registrar, just try to get the epizy nameservers on your domain.

After, go to your InfinityFree subdomain control panel and click Parked Domains, then add your domain. Your website should show the same as the epizy one.

As i already mentioned, my Domain got suspended so i contacted the host, so i think i have to wait till its no longer suspended i guess?

Yeah, your best options are to wait or register a domain somewhere else.

GoDaddy and NameSilo have .nl domains.

Ill go wait till its unsuspended and then ill be back here (change the nameservers ofc) and then ill be back because for sure there will be something wrong! :sweat_smile:

Alright, hopefully you can switch!

I can, because it kinda worked because i had the option to connect to my website with my main domain but then i got automatic redirected to my Subdomain

Try using a parked domain, it shows the same content as your website but doesn’t redirect.

Well, for me the .nl domain is working, however:

  • It is using an iframe to display bartsblogs.lovestoblog.com (<frame name="main" src="http://bartsblogs.lovestoblog.com/" scrolling="auto" noresize="">).
    And I don’t think it will work, because of the security system in place.
    Iframe redirect to Google - #2 by Admin
  • When I use dig, it shows you’re using nameservers from zxcs:
    Try to change to the epizy nameservers, and removing the iframe (as @akshayan said, try using Parked Domain).
    I’m not entirely sure about any of this, but I think these are the main reasons.

I’ll wait for the response from the Host then ill change everything.
But 2 questions:
Can my domain get suspended for changing the nameservers to much in a day?

And how do i remove the iframe? :thinking: