Expired Domain?

my domain is no longer returning suspended domain, but instead is saying that the domain has expired which has not since I already renewed the domain in July. Could someone please help? www.immoralpanic.com

This is what I see


Looks ok to me

Perhaps you should change the nameservers


I had changed the Nameservers during the outage but don’t know how to change them back. These are the default nameservers from nameserver. Previously they were through byet.org

You need to change it to ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com


ok thanks I’m trying that how.



thank you! can you explain what happened?

As far as I can tell, we had an outage causing your site to go down. During the outage, you changed your domain’s nameservers away from our nameservers to the default nameservers from NameSilo. The NameSilo nameservers then directed your domain to their domain parking page.

So when the outage was over and your hosting account came back online, it didn’t affect your domain because it wasn’t pointing to our nameservers anymore. It was still using Namesilo’s nameservers which were pointing the domain to their parking page.

I don’t understand why you changed your nameservers in the first place. The outage was with our website servers, our nameservers were unaffected. What were you trying to show on your domain by changing the nameservers?

If an outage happens again, I would recommend against changing anything unless we explicitly say you can do it as a workaround. We always do our best to make sure the outage is resolved as quickly as possible, and by changing settings that are correct you risk causing unnecessary downtime to your site.


I was panicking and trying anything I could.

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